May peace be upon you.

Without meaning to reiterate the obvious, I’m Shaffira — a thirty-something Indonesian Muslim woman based in Melbourne, Australia with an array of interests: reading, writing, volunteering, travelling, and hiking, to name a few.

I am passionate about gender equality and woman’s rights, particularly from the perspective of my faith, Islam. I feel strongly about social justice and human rights for all. I spent 3 weeks volunteering in a refugee camp in Calais, which changed my life and have motivated me to champion refugee rights in Indonesia and, hopefully, abroad. I’ve solo-travelled in more than 5 countries and travelled to more than 10, a privilege that I wish more could have access to.

If you know me and wondering why I, your next-door nobody, has my own blog — let’s just say that I realise I’ve probably worn you out with my long captions and rants on social media and finally decided to start keeping an online journal.

If you don’t know me and just happened to chance upon this space, welcome. I hope my thoughts and experiences could be of some benefit to you, and you’re more than welcome to share yours. 🙂